Payment Methods


How can I pay?
You can either pay via Paypal, SOFORT (Klarna, which is an immediate bank transfer service) or in cash in our store.


What is PayPal?
PayPal is a secure payment service that handles our payments if you decide to pay via PayPal. We won’t see your bank details at any time and naturally won’t save them. You can find out more about PayPal by clicking HERE.

How do I pay via PayPal?
When deciding to pay via PayPal you’ll be transferred to the PayPal website where you can with your PayPal account. Alternatively you can sign up and pay via credit card or your bank account.


What is SOFORT (Klarna)?
SOFORT is a paying service, which makes it possible to pay orders directly and immediately with your bank account – so no waiting, no going to the bank or whatever. Super easy and super handy! Find out more about SOFORT or. Klarna by clicking HERE.

How do I pay via SOFORT?
After going for SOFORT at checkout you’ll be redirected to your bank account via Klarna where you can pay quickly and easily.

What happens when my payment gets rejected?
In some rare cases payments don’t work or get rejected. If so, please have a look if all your entries are correct. If you can’t find any mistake please contact your bank. In this case we can’t process your order. So sorry!

Cash payment

What does pay cash mean?
If you’re going for collection by the costumer you can come in our store and pick your order up. You’ll pay cash or via credit / debit card in our store. Easy as that!

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